How to Lose Legitimacy in One Year : Lessons from Abiy Ahmed 

Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of #Ethiopia, by the time he was selected as a chairperson of the hated incumbent thereby assuming premiership was welcomed by majority with joy and euphoria

He received celebration even some democratically elected leaders have never enjoyed. He received support of thousands of dissents who have paid sacrifices for change within Ethiopia and other visible allies in the diaspora. 

But the joy and celebration couldn’t last more than a year. For someone who observed the feelings among people last year, it is difficult to imagine one loses that much hope in this speed. 

However, the amazing Prime Minister made it happen. Here are eight-points guideline from the seventh king for a quick lesson. 

Step 1: Make exaggerated promises over and over;

Step 2: Respond to sensational issues on social media and avoid sustainable adjustments to systematic challenges;

Step 3: Dump critics and chase praise;

Step 4: Appease to ethno-nationalists until they capture the state; 

Step 5: Increase opponents’ acceptability by opening doors that add up to their conspiracy theories;

Step 6: Ignore the violent and jail the peaceful;

Step 7: Make citizens feel insecure, and

Step 8: Blame the people for not embracing freedom and democracy.